25 Sep 2014

The Container: brilliant intuition that ... "has come a long way”.

Security, portability, convenience, are the essential characteristics that have led to the success of the Container, multipurpose container whose history dates back to an intuition, presumably dated 1957, soon proved brilliant on the part of an American entrepreneur Malcolm McLean. As is often the case with inventions, the Galilean method teaches, the first spark comes from the empirical observation: McLean was the first who had noticed that it was easier to load a ship, moving the entire contents of the goods transported in a single body, than to stow the goods separately. Right from the start it was clear that the saving of time and effort would translate into higher profits, and also in full satisfaction of the customer. Maximum comfort, protection levels of goods from any attempt to tamper with or from damage even in situations of risk or disaster are the basic requirements of a product for which we can’t do without. The success of the container, as recent history shows, is made ​​up of many important steps.

The container, it is appropriate to say "he has come a long way," and thanks to modern and dynamic companies, as Edil Euganea, we can be sure that there will be routes to travel in the future.

There are various types of containers present on the market: starting with the most common container ISO (the International Organization for Standardization) a metal rectangular whose measures have been established at the international in 1967, the ISO tank container, refrigerated, open top (with sunroof).

Edil Euganea also offers a variety of applications in which the classic container undergoes transformations and is used in various fields.

Such as containers with side walls that open to those used for the transportation of liquids in flexible tank (Flexitank), container support to the production of renewable energy, container rack batteries, generators for containers, containers for compressors, containers for bio gas plant, container for the monitoring of air quality, container for housing electrical panels, container treatment and water purification …

All solutions are widespread and successful that demonstrate progressions which are capable of imparting innovation research developments of products.

These and many other solutions can be found on the container section container.