25 Sep 2014


Venice hosts these days the 14 'edition of the International Architecture Exhibition entitled FUNDAMENTALS, organized by the Venice Biennale and the places of the interest  are the Giardini and the Arsenale in the historical center of the beautiful city of Venice.

The opening ceremony and award ceremony was held Saturday, June 7 with the consign of the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement to Phyllis Lambert, and many other official prizes was awarded by the international jury.

65 participating countries in this famous event which subject is the architecture, and traces its growth during the last 100 years.

The director of the show Rem Koolhaas has planed three exhibitions:

-ABSORBING MODERNITY 1914-2014: 65 participants who worked on one common theme which is telling the Architecture change over the past 100 years;

-ELEMENTS OF ARCHITECTURE: ie the elements which compose the architecture as floors, walls, roofs, stairs, doors, and so on;

-MONDITALIA: 41 projects hosted to the Arsenal draws a portrait of Italy involving cinema, dance, music and theater. The halls will host exhibitions, plays and performances that deals with architecture but also with other riches of our country.

The tickets to these shows, unique in its style, can be purchased at the Arsenale or at the Giardini. Also this year incumbent supplier of the ticket offices for La Biennale is the company EDIL EUGANEA SRL based in Saletto (PD). The company manufactures metal prefabs with various uses and destinations and this year has provided portable canins that are used during the show as ticket offices and / or information point.