10 Mar 2015


“Photovoltaic system it is an electric system composed from installation of more photovoltaic modules which use incident solar energy to produce electrical energy.”

Photovoltaic market it is a growing market.  Research Institute HIS announces that in the 2014 PV installations increased by 20% than in the 2013!

What will be the prognostic for the 2015 for this sector, which was leading representative of a large growth  and investments? Research institute answer to this question presenting again encouraging accurate data. Talks about the global growth in demand! In 2014 demand increased by 14%, in 2015 prognostics are for 25%! Number of installation will increase!

Chile, Jordan, Philippines , South Africa and Honduras will be the new PV markets this year. Regarding Europe – this market will be leaded by United Kingdome.  A large growth will be registered still in California. Lets think that 10% of all electrical energy produced in the country will be received from solar energy! California will be able to compete with leading countries of this sector - Italy and Germany.

With this data it can be seen  that PV market registers optimal results which  make no doubts about investments increase.

Edil Euganea – leading company in the design and manufacture of metal products believes in this sector and for many years produces cabins and modular buildings for alternative energy systems as per example photovoltaic system. More and more often use of  insulated cab for this sector is because they can be freely found and easy and fast assembled. The insulated cabins composed from one or more portable cabins are made properly for this use.

It’s very important to emphasise that metal demountable cabins guarantee the protection of certain electrical components are mounted inside. The protection is guarantee using of special for that application panels. Edil Euganea’s force is the ability to provide cabins complete with all components: accessories and/or necessary equipment. In most cases equipment enclosures are made directly in the manufacturing process, in this way it’s possible to provide ready for use cabins. It remains only to connect the cable.

In the inverter cabins , for example, there are special rooms for equipment maintenance. Those rooms are equipped for air circulation with ventilation grilles on the walls or ventilation towers on the roof. Are equipped also with holes for the passage of cables.

It is not less important that Edil Euganea manufacturers and designs. This means that products are made based on individual customers requests, suitable for all needs. 

PV market declares itself as an optimal choice for those companies as Edil Euganea. Especially in last years in which we are seeing a gradual transition from concrete cabins to metal demountable insulated portable cabins.

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