25 Sep 2014

Why the prefab?

Paradoxically perhaps now Italy is one of the countries, because of mentality or old customs and habits, hard to perceive the idea of ​​building through alternative solutions, such as those constituted by prefabricated, almost as if this is considered a less safe and reliable, that instead, according to our experience, is undoubtedly the future.

We summarize with a maximum, the dear old brick is exceeded, the prefabricated building is the modernity and will be always more the future.

Why choose prefab?

Here is a summary of its many advantages, such as:                                                                                                             

 • speed of realization

• versatility and flexibility of use

• reduced transport costs, flexibility

• fulfillment of the different thermal coefficients through a insulation "ad hoc", excellent interior comfort

• pleasure in the achievements and finishes through the care of the design

• total anti seismicity of the structure

• high resistance to the forces of the winds, guaranteed durability

• use of recyclable materials

• low maintenance

And it is precisely in this context that through many years Edil Euganea, is a "player" in order to seek new solutions in line with the continuous changes dictated by the market and continues to invest in this direction by offering a range of innovative and high performance.

With these assumptions, as always, and now more than ever Edil Euganea, stands out with its products in the global market with solutions that thanks to the experience gained over many years in many countries around the world, each with its own specific needs, culture, style life, providing its customers with the right tips and tricks that starts from the design, fast implementation, both by land and sea transport, and install a destiny with teams of highly skilled technicians.

Continuous research of new technologies and the passion that characterizes the Edil Euganea’s staff, allows us to bring our contribution to the growth of knowledge and the use of this amazing product that is prefabricated metal.

In the range of our products you can find:

• prefabricated portable cabins for the realization of prefabricated offices

• metal prefabs

• metal hangars

• special containers

• any necessary solution within the fields of site camps, schools, clinics first emergency, workshops, sheds, kiosks, shops, special containers, processed and suitable to contain various special equipment

The satisfaction of our customers and compliments that they made to us is the most  beautiful recognition and this is what gives us the force to continue and to improve ourselves day after day, making in this way, our "Mission".

Nicola Iori