31 Oct 2014


Today more than ever Edil Euganea, is determined to be confirmed at the international level as a company that still knows how to bring in the highest "Made in ITALY" in the world, with a new concept of metal prefab building. By placing on the market 4 models of prefab home with surfaces 68, 80, 121 and 141 square meters. in order to meet customers' needs. This type of home, while being very flexible as all products Edil Euganea, has been studied and designed mainly for African and South American markets.

Houses designed in every detail to develop in a short time whole villages. In fact, one of the prerogatives that was imposed Edil Euganea, is to build prefabricated houses that are easy to install without any use of cranes or special equipment and with a very short  time of realization. Just think, to install a 80 square meters house, such as superimposition, 4 operators are able to complete it in less than 3 days!!! Today Edil Euganea has a production capacity of 300 houses per month but our ambitions are certainly to increase this capacity. In this project, nothing has been overlooked.

The company has always paid great attention to the environment. Also for this project has used recyclable materials and limited the use of classical and heavy profiles giving importance to well studied in details to be more performing possible simple profiles, even in order to take up a little space even during transport , allowing you to load more square meters of houses in a shipping containers. In addition, the waste of sandwich panels, are strictly separated into two components: steel and polyurethane and placed in suitable containers which are then sent for recovery in future use! Despite having reduced thickness of walls, thermal insulation is very powerful compared to wooden buildings, or in concrete! Similarly, the houses have been designed to give absolute comfort and safety, in fact, all our houses are earthquake resistant and can provide excellent resistance to wind loads and good reach of accidental loads of the roof. To give an appearance of home and not of precarious portable cabin, the panels are treated with a special resin that is spread on the surface of the panels, giving an effect of plaster and then allows the painting as traditional homes.

It is not a secondary importance, Edil Euganea  offers a wide range of accessories that allow you to achieve amazing levels of finishes. From the various types of windows and doors to  the interiors finished in  plaster board with a layer of rock wool with high density (which guarantees excellent acoustic insulation), ceilings, electrical and plumbing frames, verandas. Naturally, all the houses are equipped with scheme of mounting and technical sheets which confirm the absolutely advantages of this innovative and performed system of building. Not least, a fact that surely will be decisive in this success is the cost incredibly low that makes these homes be exceptional.

At this point we can only invite you to try our homes and give you an appointment for the next novelty of Edil Euganea on