Container ISO Production


STRUCTURE: This container is very strong and completely soldered. Holes to elevate and soldered corner fittings.

FLOOR:  wooden or steel floor (Steel thickness mm. 3-4).

WALLS AND CEILING: Steel thickness mm. 1,5 and fret thickness mm. 35, with lateral opening for ventilation.

FIXTURES: Steel door with two shutters (opening at 270 degrees). It's packed all around. Lock with two security bars.

PAINTING: Two epoxy paintworks as protection anticorrosion, high resistance to bad weather and ageing as well as resistance to the chemicals.

Outer RAL 6026 - Inner RAL 9002

Code   Dimensions Weight
CI01 6' 1900x1750x1900 mm (length-width-height) 450 Kg
CI02 8' 2438x2000x2260 mm (length-width-height) 680 Kg
CI03 10' 2991x2438x2591 mm (length-width-height) 1000 Kg
CI04 10' S 2991x2000x2260 mm (length-width-height) 850 Kg
CI05 13' 4000x2200x2591 mm (length-width-height) 1350 Kg
CI06 13' S 4000x2000x2260 mm (length-width-height) 1150 Kg
CI07 15' 4500x2438x2591 mm (length-width-height) 1460 Kg
CI08 20' 6050x2438x2591 mm (length-width-height) 1600 Kg