Portable cabins - EXPORT demountable and multi-floor structure

Modular building demountable

STRUCTURE : the structure of portable cabin is made up by base and roofing section bars, which are connected through angular uprights. It is an all steel unit with appropriate thickness of 25/10, zinc-plated sheets, electro welding, protected coated cycle on sight parts, blue colour and other RALs are also available upon request.

WALLS : the modular building walls are in sandwich type modular panels, self-carrying walls, having pre-varnished white-grey and fret-plated sheets (thickness 5/10) on both sides, insulated inside with self-extinguish expanded foam polyurethane (density 40 kg/cm). The whole thickness is 50 or 60 mm. The panels are supported by strong profiles, of a proportionate thickness, serving as an upper and lower crowning frame, connected through male-female joints, which are properly and hermetically sealed, in order to be waterproof. The sheet of the panels is zinc-plated and fire-varnished. The insulation for 50 mm. thickness panel has a thermal transmission coefficient K=0,398 (K/mqh°C), a transmittance coefficient U=0,461 (W/mqK) and a heat resistance R=2,171 (mqK/W). The insulation for 60 mm. thickness panel has a thermal transmission coefficient K=0,331 (K/mqh°C), a transmittance coefficient U=0,383 (W/mqK) and a heat resistance R=2,609 (mqK/W).

CEILING : portable cabins have horizontal ceiling, whose panels have got the same features of those used for the floor. Fret sheet upper wall: flat thickness 30 mm., fret thickness 70 mm. (If requested flat thickness can be 40/50 mm. and fret thickness 80/90 mm.). The insulation has a thermal transmission coefficient K=0,581 (K/mqh°C), a transmittance coefficient U=0,673 (W/mqK) and a heat resistance R=1,486 (mqK/W). The roof is walking area, load capacity is about 200 kg./sq.m.

FLOOR: PVC floor applied with a special glue to a waterproof chipboard panel (thickness 18 mm); this panel is installed on existing sandwich panel 30 mm, to grant a perfect insulation and then fixed to a frame of the portable cabin. The frame is made up of a zinc-plated tubular (60x60x2 mm), electro- and grating welded. The load capacity about is 300Kgs./sq.meter

FIXTURES AND WINDOWS : aluminium, natural white electro varnished, equipped with 4/9/4 glasses, PVC roll-up shutter. Windows, door locks, door handles and dust resistant gummy seals. Fixtures and windows are described as follows: No 01 door (97x205) made up by glass in the upper part and panels in the lower part. No 02 shutter/leaf windows (97x105).

ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: complete and well functioning electrical system, provided with visible cables trough the inside walls, according to the regulations in force.
The electrical system is furnished with 01 overhead light with neon lamps (1x36W) - 01 switch - 01 socket with double way (10-16A), ground wire switches - outside watertight box, suitable for the web connection device – switch-board equipped with magneto thermal safety device.

Type Length Width Heigth

Panel thickness 

50 / 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 mm

590/605/705/805/905/1005/1105/1205 230/243.8 229/250/270/280