Portable cabins - STANDARD demountable container

Economical Insulated Galvanized modular building thickness 50 mm



  • structure fully galvanized : with thickness  15/10,  no multifloor structure
  • Sanitary module can  be installed inside the monoblock
  • demountable
  • Wall panels:  40mm/50mm  thickness  made by polyurethane
  • Ceiling: Horizontal type  with thickness  30 mm. flat  and  70mm. fret thickness
  • Floor: the complete floor is properly lifted  from the ground from two transversal sleepers ; the walking area is made by PVC  fixed to a special waterproof  chipboard panel  18mm. thickness
  • On the roof structure, there  are 4 lifting hooks to lift and move quickly and properly the monoblock
  • Fixtures and windows are in aluminium, natural white electro varnished,   4mm. simple glass,  1 door made up by glass in the upper part, and panels in the lower part, with safety bars, 01 window with sliding opening and safety bars
  • Electric system : 1 overhead  light , 1 socket, 1 swtich


Type Length Width Heigth
Panel th. 50mm 240/300/400/500/600/700/800/900/1000 225/230/240 223/240/270
Panel th. 40mm 240/300/400/500/600 225/230/240 223/240/270