kit home

The advantages grant form this solution are:


The low price of the product is the first element of our trading purpose. The cost per square meter is the lowest compared to the other building system, like concrete, bricks and wood considering the same comfort level.

LOW COST OF TRANSPORT                           

All elements that are part of the house are supplied in kit, every part disassembled in order to obtain a low cost of transport impact for delivery everywhere in the world.


The concept of this solution is created using light products with high performances, a simple way of connection always granting a right level of finishing. To build up the structure is not necessary high competence of workers, we propose a solution built in short time in a simple way.


The comfort of the final product is still present in a low cost product. The panels we considered to use grant a good thermal and acoustic insulation that joint to a customized finishing, internal and external, we obtain a good quality civilian house solution.


The house product is supply complete with structure, walls, roof, fixtures, electrical plants and hydraulic plant.

Affordable Housing


  • EXTERNAL WALLS are made by sandwich panels with outer/inner metal sheets, thickness mm0,5, which are pre-painted following Coil Coating procedure, the insulation is ensured by polyurethane foams (PUR), total density 40kg/m³;Fire proof according to EN 13501 -2 EN 13501-1 regulations.
  • mm 50 thickness  with thermal coefficients according to  EN 14509 A10 regulation,i.e.,:W/m2 K 0,40  kcal/m2 h °C  0,35
  • mm 80 thickness  with thermal coefficients according to  EN 14509 A10 regulation,i.e.,:  W/m2 K 0,26  kcal/m2 h °C  0,23

Outer and inner finishings are made by  acrylic resins and a thin layer of marble granules mm0,5.

INNER WALLS(PARTITIONS) are realised with sandwich panels having an external/internal metal sheet with Coil Coating procedure, insulated by polyurethane(PUR), Total density 40/kg/m³.

FIRE PROOF, comply with regulations in force.

  • Mm50 thickness with thermal coefficient  according to  EN 14509 A10 regulation,i.e.,: W/m2 K 0,40  kcal/m2 h °C  0,35


are made by sandwich panels with outer/inner metal sheets, thickness mm0,5, which are pre-painted,the insulation is ensured by polyurethane foams (PUR), total density 40kg/m³;

Self-carrying wall panels

Mm40 thickness in the FLAT section and mm80 in the FRET section

with thermal coefficients according to  EN 14509 A10 regulation,i.e.,:   W/m2 K 0,54  kcal/m2 h °C  0,46

Finishing: SMOOTH surface available in different colours like “ RED SIENA colourway”, or white/grey or green Tuscany

VERANDAH: it is realized by an extension of main roof, the columns are realized using the same finishing/colours of those ones already used for the external walls of the home.

GUTTERS AND DOWNSPOUTS : they are realized by galvanized and painted steel sheets.

FLOOR: not provided.

DOORS AND WINDOWS: alluminium frames or PVC frames which are pre-painted into natural white colourway; doors and windows are equipped with mm4 single glass,locks,handles,rubber seals anti-dust

- External BLIND door or middle glass with safety bars (cm 90x200-net light )

- Internal blind doors (cm 80x200 )

- Windows with sliding opening system (cm 90 x 98 net light) and they are equipped

  with curtains and safety bars

- wasistas windows (cm 43x43 net light) with printed glass

ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: comply with  the regulations in force  and it is realized using parts and components of high quality brands and all of these ones are EU certificates;

The wiring is provided by PVC pipings , propers and suitables, to speed-up the installation steps.

It is provided by:

  • Switchers
  • Sockets into different types/models
  • No. 01  Schuko socket for water bowl
  • Different lights
  • No. 01 electrical board
  • No. 01 Plastic box to store pvc pipings from different places

PLUMBING: it is provided by:

- No 01 maschere tubi di raccordo acqua


- No 01 CERAMIC SHOWER TRAYS equipped with shower head, water mixer,

  bath accessories

- No 01 CERAMIC SINK installed into column

- No 01 Boiler 30 Liters capacity

- No 01 Pre-installation pipes for Kitchen


The supply includes all materials/parts/accessories like screws, other metal parts, silycon guns, gaskets, rivets which are needed for a proper installation at site.


With the aim to speed-up all installation steps and to get a more practical way to assemble the house, all parts/elements are already suitable and proper for their installation; the panels are already cut to size, doors and windows are ready to be fitted, all steel profiles are cut to size, electric and plumbing systems are pre-installed.

We provide for detailed assembling plans, detailed technical instructions into English Language, in order to simplify all installations steps and sequences.


  • ANTI SEISMIC: our prefab homes are fully guaranteed against earthquakes
  • RESISTANCE AGAINST WIND PRESSURE: our prefab homes are fully guaranteed against the different situations of wind pressure, like as per below examples:
  • With Wall panels mm50 thickness, we achieve a resistance to a wind pressure until 145 Km/h
  • With Wall panels mm80 thickness, we achieve a resistance to a wind pressure until 175 Km/h
  • ROOF LOAD CAPACITY: with a roof panel mm 40/80 thickness, the load capacity is about 100kg/sqm
  • DURABILITY: the average durability of our prefab homes is from 30 years to 50 years.


  • False ceiling realised with sandwich panels insulated by polyurethane foam(density 40Kg/cubic meter); outer/inner finishing with pre-painted galvanized sheets, smooth surface, white colour RAL 9010.

With mm 30 thickness, the thermal coefficient is the following one:

W/m2 K 0,71  kcal/m2 h °C  0,61

  • False ceiling realised with panels with square design 60x60 into mineral fiber, mm18 thickness, having a reticular structure aluminium and steel wire rods.
  • Inner walls are treated using  the same resin used for the external ones.
  • The external walls could be also realised with sandwich panels mm 80 or mm 100 thickness.
  • Roof panels are available into mm50/90 or mm80/120 thickness also.
  • Interior  finishes with plasterboard   

Upon request, we can provide with further extras, such as air conditioning, photovoltaic panels, heating, different finishes of roof panels, different design and solutions of wall panels, different solutions for electrical wiring, plumbing, etc.


  1.  A very SHORT production time  

Monthly Production Capacity: 300 units

Everywhere: Short Expected Delivery Time

  1.  LOWER  transport costs

           One container 40HC can be filled with 170 square meters of “turn-key prefab house”

  1.  Easy and practical installation because  all parts of prefab house are packed

      and  shipped into “different kits” . 

  1.  Manual installation

      Crane is not needed at Site; all parts and elements have a low weight so

      they can be  handled without any problem

  1.  A very short  installation period

A prefab house of 80SQM can be installed in 4 working days by 4 installers.

  1. Strength of the structure

Our Steel house is studied and manufactured considering the features of Wind pressure, loading charges, anti-seismic in the most areas of the globe.

  1. Living comfort

     High performances about the thermal coefficient

A prefab house manufactured  by using a sandwich panels mm50 thickness has a thermal coefficient related a cement wall cm25 thickness, finishing included.

  1. Waterproof materials
  1. High defense against insects and animals.